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The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is the principal organisation in Thailand responsible specifically for the growth, direction, and development of tourism in Thailand, under the Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports. TAT has many overseas branch offices, one of which is in Jakarta, Indonesia. TAT Jakarta or commonly known as Wisata Thailand is responsible for informing and promoting Thai tourism for Indonesian tourists so that Thailand becomes a top-of-mind destination for outbound tourists. 

The Importance of Market Data and New Networks 

Since 2018, Culturo has been TAT's PR and marketing consultant whose main duties are to:

  • Providing the latest updates on all information related to tourism policies and trends in Indonesia.
  • Develop flagship and routine programs with partners, media, influencers, and agencies with specific objectives.
  • Develop a network of institutional and media partners in Indonesia


Culturo routinely provides data on inbound and outbound travellers, flight data and capacity, data on the development of travel behaviour, social media behaviour, and other countries' marketing activities through primary and secondary research. The development of partner networks related to tourism and media continues to be carried out to reach a wider audience (reach) and increase the number of passengers departing for Thailand (pax).

Travel Agent Training Program as a Solution During a Pandemic


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism industry has been the most affected. International trips are decreasing due to the minimum number of flights, and the tight regulations on travelling to enter Thailand or leave Indonesia. Culturo supports TAT Jakarta in running the Online Training Program to increase knowledge and keep travel agent partners informed about the latest destinations and regulations in Thailand.

The Online Training Program is run regularly from periods 1 to 3. The Culturo content marketing team compiles learning modules in text, infographic, and video formats, then converted into a training platform and activation quizzes with attractive prizes for participants from travel agent partners.

Culturo also opened two customer service numbers to routinely provide WhatsApp blast information to hundreds of travel agent networks. Several partners including Garuda Indonesia and are also holding webinars to disseminate the latest information on regulations and procedures for travel to Thailand so that they can provide directions to tourists who can't wait to travel to Thailand.

Interest-specific Community Campaign

Several programs are carried out by TAT Jakarta to increase traveller interest in travelling to Thailand, including by focusing on certain interest communities, such as sports. Thailand is not only famous for its cultural, culinary, and shopping centres but also has some sports spots that can be alternative destinations for fans of cycling, golf, MuayThai, and yoga.

This campaign aims to convey information to the Indonesian public on new destinations in Thailand according to sports hobbies. This campaign activity is carried out through Instagram, in collaboration with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and communities known to be active in sports and have an audience according to their interests. Several types of sports activities are included, such as golf, cycling, Muay Thai, and home workouts.


It was relatively easy for participants to take part in this campaign activity by uploading photos and videos relevant to each type of sporting activity. The #SportsTourism campaign succeeded in generating 351,084 impressions because it succeeded in partnering with highly influential macro-influencers and many communities with active members.

Strategy for Facing Travel Recovery Momentum

Formulating strategies based on market data, innovative strategies, and effective campaigns is very important for companies or institutions affected by the pandemic so that they can recover quickly and take advantage of the momentum of the improving pandemic situation.

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